#19314 Joyous Chocolate Sprinkles Lightbrary Channeler Quartz Cluster
Joyous Chocolate Sprinkles Lightbrary Channeler Quartz Cluster
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This is a sweet and joyous 5.9 oz, 3.8” by 2” by 1.8” lightbrary quartz cluster from China and a study in subtle contrasts! While most of the sides of the cluster and mostly plain and clear quartz, one is gently sprinkled with a fine layer of chocolate brown druse – like fine chocolate. When you look at her using a loupe, you see the ‘chocolate’ is granular. The ‘chocolate’ is hubeite with its electric and yet restful energies. She is actually a cluster of three clusters with two larger crystals and one smaller one and a host of lightbrary students, all accented by a bit of golden healer. She has amazing Lemurian lines and gorgeous glyphs on her terminal faces, including some roundish record keepers. The second largest cluster hosts a channeler termination on its dominant crystal. There are a few tiny dings, but otherwise, she is in excellent condition and radiates a joyful energy.

As soon as you hold her, you get the impression of swirling energy – each of the students sends energy in its own direction, centered around the energy beam of the main crystal – like a helix around an axis. It’s very hard to describe, but wow, what a rush she is! You can literally fill a room with marvelous energies in a matter of moments! Normally, this might be a bit unsettling, but she is so perfectly balanced that she seems to only add energy where it’s needed. Also try placing her between the palms with her chocolate side against the sending palm. Work with her like this for a while and then reverse direction! You’ll find that she does an amazing job of balancing and protecting – not like chlorite quartz, but more like settling down your energy jagged aspects and taking out things like anger, jealousy, hostility, etc. She is a wonderful way for a Healer to cleanse an area between patients and indeed, desensitize a healing room as you are working. You will find her to be a hard-working and dependable friend! Now, who doesn’t need chocolate?

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Joyous Chocolate Sprinkles Lightbrary Channeler Quartz Cluster

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