#19320 Opalescent DT Red Coronus Avatar Starbrary Quartz
Opalescent DT Red Coronus Avatar Starbrary Quartz
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This wondrous Spirit is from Serra do Cabral, Brazil, weighs 12.5 oz and measures 4.25” by 2.2“” by 2.1”. This is a most curious crystal too in that the look is almost a silvery opalescent but still a pale hematite-red and the slanted and healed-into-terminations base holds hematite in the crevices. There are Lemurian lines and in one area, there are also a few strange starbrary glyphs! Coronus starbrary glyphs (and a few Leo) appear on the sides and if you explore her with a loupe, you’ll see large layered record keepers on one terminal face! There are dynamic and deep rainbows that flash her smiles as you work with her. In addition, there is an odd-shaped past timeline and two extra facets0. Except for a few very little dings, she is in excellent condition and will be a wondrous meditation companion!

When I first worked with these crystals, I kept getting ‘Coronus’ so went to Google and found that there are two Corona constellations … the ‘Crown’ … one in each hemisphere. Working deeper, she advised that the Star Peoples who created these records chose crystals because of the enduring nature of the record. Coronus starbraries are the true Avatars … they are encoded with maps of all kinds from constellations to planetary systems to biological records to chemical expressions. And she appears to have a little of each, but mostly the celestial maps. And her earthquake zone adds information from this Earth as well. She has indicated that each Keeper attracted to these starbraries will gravitate to one type and that each crystal can be used alone or with other starbraries as guides to deeper information.

Coronus glyphs are somewhat varied, but generally are roundish and a bit like paramecium. These are read by beginning in the center and traveling outward, interpreting what is present in the other glyphs accompanying them. The Coronus peoples dreamed ... and considered in the manner of our current day Navajo where they imagine the "seventh generation" ... they dreamed about what would happen to future generations if they initiated something. If you were a Star Trek fan, this was the famous "non-interference" regulation. But to the Coronus, they considered heavily what an interaction would cause. Like a circle, it begins as a point and expands as it grows just as a change does within each successive generation!

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Opalescent DT Red Coronus Avatar Starbrary Quartz

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