#19325 Rare Leo Starbrary Growth Interference Quartz – Universal Communicator
Rare Leo Starbrary Growth Interference Quartz – Universal Communicator
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This is a wondrous, unusual, 1.2 oz crystal, 2.95” by 0.8” by 0.6” and is from Brazil. She is actually a DT with multi-terminations at the upper termination and growth-interference and multi-terminations at the lower! There are subtle glyphs on her many faces and if you explore her with a loupe, you’ll see an assortment of neat starbrary glyphs. Although there are a few glyphs from other systems, the vast majority of her are from the rare Leo system! Golden healer outlines a few of the growth-interference marks. Her main termination is lightly misted while the remainder of her is clear and given the chance, she will share a considerable amount of star information with her Keeper.

Starbraries are recognized by the presence of these glyph-like markings, symbols and geometric patterns plus usually a doorway or key. By aligning fingers with the doorways or keys, you can unlock different layers, depending on orientation. Companion crystals are important - they either come with the crystal (purchased with or given with) or appear shortly thereafter. They don't have to be quartz, but work with the main crystal to unlock different layers or even gain access to the crystal itself. All Starbraries work like that - the companions facilitate access, although it's possible to gain access just from the Starbrary itself. She is a Master Crystal for Star Children manifesting in this life’s expression and particularly for those who resonate with the Leo star system.

The Leo peoples rarely interacted as they observed and noted what they found. They are like archeologists, meticulously cataloging what they discovered, like an intergalactic history book. This information may have been used at a later date when interactions with humans were deemed appropriate.

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Rare Leo Starbrary Growth Interference Quartz – Universal Communicator

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