#19326 Sacred Scrying Blue DT Tabby Quartz with Riebeckite - Pakistan
Sacred Scrying Blue DT Tabby Quartz with Riebeckite - Pakistan
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From Pakistan comes this marvelous 2.1 oz, 2.85” by 2.3” by 0.7” tabby DT quartz with minute fibers of blue riebeckite. It is easy to the color when he is well lit, but until you do, he looks a steel gray with blue cast. It looks to me like he is an ancient shard as his top shows clearly that he was once a larger crystal while his back is elestial, subtly glyphed and elestial, totally healed through the eons. A bit of secondary growth is evident on his top frosty side while his back is very lustrous. A shy rainbow peaks in and out, smiling at you! You will truly get lost in his intricacy as you explore all that he is. He is a perfect palm size for your personal mediations.

Pakistan is noted for its rare earth minerals as well as its amphibole ones like riebeckite. These are often included in the quartz found there and the energies are amazing! As you turn him over in your hand, you are drawn into his base or a face or a side – each has different attributes and each provides a glimpse into the known and the unknown. Use him as you would a scrying mirror, choosing a side and beginning to “read” it. His glyphs revealed ancient writing, stars, maps, galaxies, faces. I saw past, present and future, mingled and available for application. He is also excellent in personal meditation as he enables you to see the thought patterns, beliefs, imprints and implants that hold you back from Spiritual advancement. All too often, we don’t realize why we can’t get beyond a certain point and then through enormous struggle, find out that it’s because of a childhood memory long forgotten, but yet imprinted, or a past life implant to ensure that we revisit a certain experience. As you eliminate these unnecessary impediments, you are free to forge ahead and make serious headway Spiritually. He is a serious Spirit and dedicated to assisting his Keeper.

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Sacred Scrying Blue DT Tabby Quartz with Riebeckite - Pakistan

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