#19332 Stunning Polished Celadonite Phantom Quartz
Stunning Polished Celadonite Phantom Quartz
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This is a truly beautiful 1 oz, 1.25” by 0.95” by 0.9” polished quartz freeform from Madagascar … and she’s the most luscious green from the glorious celadonite phantom within her! With a loupe, you’ll see that the phantom is rather pointillist and is not solid, but thousands of little mint green dots! Plus she has a neat and little key on one side. For the most part, the celadonite quartz is matte finish and it’s hard to see the true glory of that phantom – and here it is in spectacular expression! I think you’ll be blown away!

I am in awe of the energy in this Spirit! She is like a beacon, spreading her light outward for miles! In a sense, she is similar to a laser wand, but instead of a single point of focus, she has hundreds, enabling you to literally cover wide areas easily. She is great to establish ‘force fields’ around her Keeper, particularly during meditation when the psyche is most vulnerable. Place her in any room where you spend a lot of time to maintain that positive force field and you will be utterly astounded by how much smoother things seem. Besides, she is so beautiful, you will want to daydream just looking at her!

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Stunning Polished Celadonite Phantom Quartz

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