#19335 Sweet Russian Quartz and Siderite "Spheres" - Joyful Spirit
Sweet Russian Quartz and Siderite Spheres - Joyful Spirit
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This is a sweet, sweet crystalline cluster, 2.2 oz and 3.2” by 2.2” by 1.6” from Dal’negorsk, Russia. She is actually series of lightbrary crystals on one side with golden siderite balls, made glittery by a druse of quartz on them, on the other side. There are even a number of siderite keys that resemble little bowls. Every place you look, you see something different! I have had her sitting on my desk for several weeks now and have quite entertained myself studying her every chance I get. She has the most amazing and a wondrous energy to boot and will delight her Keeper!

In Russia, mining for these crystals is limited to only a few months a year, so these beauties are even more rare. She has such a loving energy that you immediately want to place her at the heart where she surrounds you with purest love, so unconditional that you KNOW your own belonging. Her siderite heart means that she is able to align the Chakras, blending them with the vibrations of the heart. Now, most people don’t think of golden crystals as heart crystals, however in certain Chakra systems, it is the color of the heart (“heart of gold”). I love the way she successfully links the heart with the Solar Plexus and opens the door to physical expression. This allows you to express what you feel in your heart – without reservation, without fear and without compunction. She fills you with such a sense of joy that you immediately want to embrace life with all the love it has to offer. She helps you to see the love in ALL things, no matter how unloving they may seem at first. What a treasure this jewel is … prepare for an opening!

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Sweet Russian Quartz and Siderite “Spheres” – Joyful Spirit

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