#19337 Vibrant Ancient Spirit Malawi Smoky Quartz Cluster with Agerine
Vibrant Ancient Spirit Malawi Smoky Quartz Cluster with Agerine
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This is a wondrous quartz cluster from Malawi, Africa, measuring 2.65” by 2.5” by 1”, weighing 1.5 oz, with a few insets of agerine. Her quartz is a nice smoky with Lemurian lines on the sides. When backlit, her opalescence gives her a mysterious and ancient look. She is a personal crystal, but one that understands healing and balance in a novel expression. Her crystals are arranged in king of a matrix order – two long ones with a right angle student at right angles near each termination and a small cluster at about a 45 degree angle between them. She has a broken point and two points with dings so she is an empath but still, you will be totally charmed if you just give her a chance to turn on her energy.

This is a wonderful Spirit to be used in crystal layouts or Reiki healing. Place her at the Solar Plexus to assist with total body balancing, aligning the physical Chakras with the higher Chakras. She really takes the edge off and is wonderful to use on patients who tend to be brash, pushy and tactless. She evens out these emotional fluctuations so that the patient doesn't have to fly off the handle to get his or her point across. She instills such a sense of Self in the process that the patient feels strengthened and empowered which is often at the core of the people who feel they have to be ‘in your face’. She is a wonderful crystal too for a desk, next to the computer where her earthy vibrations can smooth out the ups and downs of the day and remind you of the forest, trees and natural world for balance.

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Vibrant Ancient Spirit Malawi Smoky Quartz Cluster with Agerine

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