#19342 Ancient Spirit Hematite- Embedded Growth Interference Quartz
Ancient Spirit Hematite- Embedded Growth Interference Quartz
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This fabulous and complex growth interference quartz is from Pakistan and is 5.3 oz and 2.8” by 1.6” by 1.5”. The first impression is his color – dark gray with a hint of green tone. The color is actually just a tiny bit of chlorite mixed with hematite. It’s hard to show in pictures but he truly shimmers in the light. As you turn him, he takes on the stance of a Spirit being, wise and ancient, and he invites thorough exploration with a 10X loupe. There is a clear area at near his termination and also a small student and there is growth interference just below the termination so that he and the student appear wrapped by the growth after the interference. His intricacy and mystery only enhance the incredible energy and Spirit of this amazing Spirit and he is absolutely spectacular in every way!

This Spirit is such an amazing crystal and his energies are such a delight! But make no mistake, he is a working Spirit! He wants to work with individuals or in a crystal healing or Reiki practice where he can assist people in dealing with their spiritual nature. There is a call now for Light Workers and many are getting the stirrings but have difficulty with that role. They struggle to make sense of what they feel, many rejecting it because it’s not “scientific”. And with that rejection, they invalidate a very important facet of who they are. This Spirit embodies the concept of a higher spiritual nature, but anchored to this time and place. He helps for a true expression of Spirit within the safety and comfort of grounding and belonging.

Growth interference quartz is so named because other minerals (in his case, calcite) were present during his formation. They were once together, but through the eons, the calcite was eroded, leaving him bearing the visible evidence of the cohabitation. These crystalline Spirits offer important lessons in change, growth and transformation. In the case of this crystal, he has a definite Ancient Spirit within whose function is threefold. First, he provides a sense of history so that you understand the path of change through the millennia. Seeing WHAT has happened is important – there are deep lessons in it all! Secondly, he provides alternatives in change – in every road, there are forks, and often it is difficult to decide which will be the better path. Know that each offers different lessons and that truly, there is never a bad choice since there is always a lesson to be taken from the travel. And lastly, he helps you realize that it is not just the goal to be savored, but also the journey. This Spirit helps you embrace the splendor of all that you do and follow in this lifetime, celebrating the steps as you go!

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Ancient Spirit Hematite- Embedded Growth Interference Quartz

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