#19358 Fascinating DT Middle Earth Quartz with Subtle Glyphs
Fascinating DT Middle Earth Quartz with Subtle Glyphs
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This is an arrival from Campo Formoso, Bahia, Brazil, 7 oz and 3.7” by 1.7” by 1.5”. This one is a splendid DT with a deep key across her lower termination and areas of thick golden healer there as well. The quartz itself is quite fascinating – slightly matte finish with her back and adjoining sides showing substantial chlorite erosion, now totally healed and glistening with tiny terminations. The open side and front areas allow a visual into the interior, even if it is somewhat like looking through glassine paper. Her main, open side has an assortment of more subtle glyphs and inside, is a wonderful lodelite phantom that fills the back of the crystal in rich shades of earthy golden brown and coral. These are commonly called “garden quartz” but something of the colors made me think more of Middle Earth quartz based on the fiction works created by J.R.R. Tolkien. Tolkein didn’t make up the land of Middle Earth, but had based it on ancient legends of the lands where elves, fairies and other beings lived. I think you’ll find this Spirit very fascinating and not the drab crystal she may have seemed at first. She has three small dings, but nothing affecting her energy of presence at all.

When we were children, our minds were far more open to elves, fairies and other beings … in face, they seemed full of mischief and yet wisdom at the same time which further intrigued us. Most of us now think that Middle Earth was all fiction and yet … there is that lingering suspicion that they are the muses, the ones that come in our dreams and set our imaginations free. And such is the energy of this splendid wand … she is one who will stimulate the imagination and release the joy of mystery that you found as a child. She is for a Keeper who seeks to relate either to children directly or to the child within …

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Fascinating DT Middle Earth Quartz with Subtle Glyphs

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