#19362 Gently Curved Pink Lemurian Quartz – Beauty and Wisdom
Gently Curved Pink Lemurian Quartz – Beauty and Wisdom
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This is a very unique pink Lemurian from Serra do Cabral, Brazil. She is 4 oz and 3.35” by 1.3” by 1.1” There are tactile Lemurian lines on her sides … and there are subtle glyphs and record on her terminal faces. You will see that she is gently curved and a deep key on one side accentuates that curve. Check her carefully and you will see a few Virgo and Centaurus starbrary glyphs! She has an extra facet with an adjacent past timeline (and another past timeline on the opposite face) and a small student at the edge of her dominant terminal face. A few drifting mists light her up inside and she is a real beauty! There are a few tiny dings, including a healed into tiny terminations nick at her terminal apex, but they do not interfere in the least with her amazing and gentle beauty or abundant wisdom!

These are not the classic Pink Lemurians … this is a new ‘breed’ of Lemurian … like several of the others I’ve opened this month, they are both Lemurian and starbrary … forward ‘thinking’ and appearing now so that descendants of Lemuria can assist with the reawakening of all that Lemuria was. She is about rekindling the beauty and wisdom, beginning with search of Self. Too often, we forget that all love begins with love of Self … and I don’t mean that in a conceded, self-centered, selfish manner. I look over at our cat, sunning himself with eyes in contented slits … he is happy being Cat, content in his cat expression and with himself. This is how we should be … ‘love the skin you’re in’! When we are happy with our own Self-expression, our love radiates and that inner beauty shows. And only then, can we love others fully and with an open heart. This Spirit espouses that feeling that was part of the Being of Lemuria. It is time again for this beauty and wisdom to shine and grow …

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Gently Curved Pink Lemurian Quartz – Beauty and Wisdom

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