#19378 Rare and Spectacular Tabular Apophyllite Crystal
Rare and Spectacular Tabular Apophyllite Crystal
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This is a really cool one – 0.4 oz, TABULAR apophyllite crystal, 1” by 1” by 0.9”! There are two little tabular students on her top and one on her bottom making her look a bit like a pinwheel. You’ll see another, teeny one on the side. She is a glorious, gleaming snowy white, resembling a flat sugar cube except very glossy. I can’t adequately describe this crystal – perfect in every way and like tiny leafs of white, suspended in an ultra clear crystal – you will have to see her to believe her … an utter delight for one seeking the very unusual in crystals and crystalline energy.

Apophyllite is an awesome stone for seeing the truth in all situations and bridging the physical and spiritual realms. But this one has a little different role. As you stare at her, the “leafs” inside almost take on a mobile character and you realize that pictures are forming. She is absolutely incredible for scrying, helping you look deep within your Self. You are drawn in and somehow seem to transcend space and time, floating freely and unrestrained. Be sure to work with grounding crystals, like hematite quartz so that you are linked to the physical realm. She is truly extraordinary!

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Rare and Spectacular Tabular Apophyllite Crystal

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