#19392 Ancient Watcher Mysterious and Glyphed Smoky Quartz on Albite Base
Ancient Watcher Mysterious and Glyphed Smoky Quartz on Albite Base
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This is a truly astonishing 2 lb 14.6 oz large single point of smoky quartz from Brazil, 7” by 4.4” by 2.9” and sitting on a base of etched, creamy albite. The albite is embedded in several areas with shiny, light gold mica books with some books actually standing up vertically! She has had a secondary growth of quartz (also smoky) that covers the smoky and creates a phantom within. Areas of the secondary growth show strange frost and “cracking” patterns like ice on a frozen lake and the terminal faces are well-glyphed. Strange starbrary glyphs appear on the sides – ancient ones. It looks like there is a single student at a right angle to one side just over the albite – the student terminates at the side. The pictures don’t even come close to capturing her amazing splendor and wonder as it was very hard to get in there with the camera but I tried – you will be totally intrigued, amazed and delighted with her Old Soul presence and ancient wisdom as you gaze into her depths. She is in excellent condition.

Her energies are unique and unbelievable. She is sacred and ethereal, yet earthy and ancient; usually you have to wet a crystal to experience the crystalline musk. Hers is so strong and vibrant that you immediately are aware of her heady, earthy scent. She is a grandmother and an Ancient Watcher, profound in her experience and gentle in her guidance. Her teachings are from the Earth – reuniting you with the very heart and vibration of this planet and its experience. As you work with her and allow the waves of energy to pass through you, you are transported through time and space – you see the alluvial plains, observe the mighty beasts that once walked the Earth, feel the pulse of all that populates this planet, past and present. You truly feel one with it all and know that in every Spiritual awakening, you must first establish where you are. Every path you take leads both to and from home. Every role you accept adds to your role in this life’s expression. She is a guide, ready to assist, ready to be there when you need her. Her true Keeper is already on a Light path and will know immediately how she is to be used. I guarantee, you will not want to put her down!

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Ancient Watcher Mysterious and Glyphed Smoky Quartz on Albite Base

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