#19395 Delightful Earth Knower Quartz Crown
Delightful Earth Knower Quartz Crown
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This is a delightful Pakistani Earth Knower quartz with triplet terminations and multiple Earth Spirits. He is 4.2 oz and 2.3” by 2.3” by 1.6” and technically a crystal crown meaning that he is the terminal end of a larger crystal that was broken off. About 70$ of his base is healed and the rest is healing. Inside, he has two areas of gray, white and buff lodelite that form the inner landscape with two areas looking like the lodelite covers a manifestor … easier to see in person as the silver shields within him really scatter the light to the camera. As I was editing his photos, I could see Spirits looking out at me, caught for the moment when the shutter actuated! He is exceptional with only tiny insignificant dings!

Earth Knowers are earthy looking crystals. They radiate raw Earth Energy and courage. They have seen change and the change has dramatically altered their appearance, yet they emerge, strong and vibrant in their adaptation. Earth Knowers teach us the secrets of this physical Earth and impart the Spirit of love for it; they help us to understand that change is inevitable and adaptation is survival and growth. Native Americans have long held the Earth Knower with highest reverence and respect for they hold sacred knowledge. To hold an Earth Knower is to experience the winds of time, to see the formation of the Earth, to sit in rapture at the diversity and flexibility of its species, to know the Spirit of All That Is. This is not a crystal for the collector to place on a shelf and admire. This is a strong energy working crystal! His energies will bring about change in your life, for to meditate with an Earth Knower is to forever be altered. I cannot say this enough: this crystal is about change and it is only through change that we grow and advance spiritually. He would also be excellent in a crystal healing or Reiki practice where he can be placed on the patient’s Heart Chakra to help direct and lead the change that must take place for healing. Use with plenty of rose quartz (as the changes must be integrated into the heart first before expressing elsewhere) and instruct the patient to drink plenty of pure water for at least 48 hours after the treatment.

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Delightful Earth Knower Quartz Crown

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