#19454 Etched, Castled Agerine Wand with Golden Healer
Etched, Castled Agerine Wand with Golden Healer
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This is a nice agerine wand , 0.8 oz and 3.1” by 0.65” by 065” and ET terminated (that resembles a fairy castle), well-etched and golden healer accented! In spite of how he looks in the pictures, he has amazing luster and almost appears metallic. There are some glyphs (although you will need a loupe to see them well) and he is astounding!

This Spirit is intense! Holding him for even a few seconds sets your hands to tingling and he is active in scrubbing out negativity, blockages and implants in your aura. But, he goes far beyond that. He instills such a sense of Self in the process that you feel strengthened and empowered. Your own aura grows in strength and in effect, you create a force field around you – important for warding off psychic attacks and negativity. I also found that by sitting with him, he swept energy through my physical body that seemed to be ‘setting things straight’. I was feeling like I was coming down with a cold and honestly, the sensations are gone now! I get that he is useful for healing on many levels and would be particularly important in a crystal healing or Reiki practice. His true Keeper will find him a wonderful and eager helper!

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Etched, Castled Agerine Wand with Golden Healer

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