#19461 Intricate and Vitreous Tibetan Tektite Teardrop
Intricate and Vitreous Tibetan Tektite Teardrop
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This is a wonderful piece of glassy black tektite found in the Himalayan area of Tibet. She is 1.3 oz and 2” by 1.1” by 0.9” and is a chubby teardrop … like one running down a cheek! There are indentations all over part of her while other areas are show intricate wave-like areas … all visual proof of gasses escaping from the molten glass as she fell to the Earth. She is a wonderful shape, perfect for personal meditation or gridding with starbraries as you seek contact with extraterrestrials. She is very pristine and lustrous and has a wonderful hand-feel.

Tektites are the humble cousins of the lofty moldavite. They are found all over the Earth and are a type of glass of extraterrestrial origin. They are similar in composition to obsidian, however their elevated iridium levels confirms that they did not come from the Earth. Yet, each has an earthy energy – I like to compare it to the kind of energy you feel when you belong – truly belong. They connect us to All That Is on a universal scale so that we can truly understand our roots. This Spirit has a comfortable shape much like a worry stone and she fits comfortably in a pocket or medicine pouch. She likes to be anointed with rainwater and is particularly well suited to assisting her Keeper in expressing what is in heart and/or mind. I have a friend that uses tektites soaked in rainwater to place at her throat to ameliorate the onset of a cold. It does work too!

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Intricate and Vitreous Tibetan Tektite Teardrop

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