#19502 Exquisite Smoky Elestial Quartz with Rose Quartz Flower
Exquisite Smoky Elestial Quartz with Rose Quartz Flower
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This is an old-stock crystal from Brazil … 3.6 oz , 3.4” by 1.45” by 1” and is an elestial smoky quartz with a gorgeous rose quartz flower to the side of the upper termination! She is double terminated although the lower termination has a ding to the terminal apex itself. Rose quartz derives its rose color from titanium and the rose color of pink Lemurians (for instance) is hematite. There is an energetic difference and the pink hematite rose is a bit more coral. The smoky quartz is amazing too in that with a loupe, you will see a number of manifestors inside as well as two enhydros! Plus there are some neat golden inclusions. You will see nice glyphs and little rainbows too. Her little rose quartz forms rather a ring around what looks to be an ancient key. With a loupe, you’ll see that the pink is bright and clear! To the back of the rose quartz, there is a healed ding but otherwise and is in very excellent condition! This stunning sweetie perfect for your love altars … or your personal meditations!

Rose quartz has very angelic energies and with her, it seemed ever so much more evident. Pink is the color ascribed to the heart in response to the higher vibrational levels in which we now incarnate. This is the love that is empathy, compassion and service … and it is the perfect love of Self that we strive for that radiates outward and joins each of us with All That Is. If you were to have just one crystal (shutter the thought!), this would be that one. Without love, there is nothing …

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Exquisite Smoky Elestial Quartz with Rose Quartz Flower

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