#19505 Gentle Baby Blue and White Trolleite Dow Pillar
Gentle Baby Blue and White Trolleite Dow Pillar
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This is a new Spirit for me and I procured a few to see for myself and test the energies. I love her energies and am trying to get more! This is a lovely 2.4 oz, 2.6” by 1” by 0.9” trolleite pillar that is about half baby blue and half creamy white. She has been shaped into a Dow termination and her blue area has a few streaks of soft gold. She stands proudly, radiating her gentle energies!

he Dow (7-3-7-3-7-3) configuration is one of the most sought-for Master Crystals. Dows are the perfect transmitters and receivers. Threes represent Mind, Body and Soul; Life, Death, Rebirth. Sevens represent the seven frequencies of the tonal scale, the seven colors of the rainbow, the seven Chakras. Together the 7+3 equals 30: another numeric perfection: ten toes, ten fingers, etc. The sum of all the sides is 30 – another “3” – in the perfection of the circle. Viewed from the top, Dows have only three faces that meet and three that add to the faceted feel.

Originally only found in Sweden, Trolleite deposits in Australia, Rwanda, Brazil and the US have been discovered. Trolleite has been called the crystal of healing and ascension … a very lofty designation. I rather found her balancing, comforting, angelic and yet humble … like a gentle mentor assisting in defining the best path for her Keeper’s personal Spiritual evolution. She does not dictate, she does not presume … she is your new best friend and confidant. Her Dow configuration brings another element of balance to her demeanor particularly in the realm of communication. She will be a wondrous addition to you special meditation spaces!

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Gentle Baby Blue and White Trolleite Dow Pillar

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