#19515 Moonglow Calcite on Bed of Chalcopyrite and Quartz
Moonglow Calcite on Bed of Chalcopyrite and Quartz
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This is an exquisitely amazing 3.9 oz cluster is from the Trepca Mine, Kosovo that measures 2.6” by 21.9” by 1.57”. The top of the cluster is gorgeous “cookies” (actually “flattened” rhombohedrons) of calcite and the base is a glittering druse of tiny chalcopyrite crystals that are iridescent as you turn him in the lightened little points of clear quartz. It also looks like there’s a bit of albite there as well. He was a bit of a challenge to photograph as the little crystals of chalcopyrite do not flash their fabulous colors well unless the light is just right, so a loupe is a must so you can see the little “sphere” of chalcopyrite. This Spirit is a treat all the way around and simply drop-dead gorgeous!

Chalcopyrite is a potent activator at all levels, assisting integration of the host minerals into the others. Together with the change energies of the calcite, this is a potent, potent grouping for working with all sorts of subtle energies while the little laser quartz wands are incredible energy augmentors. He is utterly astounding for use in crystal grids or for personal meditation where he helps to cut through the issues and crystallize on the heart of the matter. You’ll find his energies straight-forward, unpretentious and very pleasant! Plus, with all these record keepers, he is a wonderful Starbrary companion (please see the Newsletters for the Starbrary channelings). You will find him a wonderful crystalline companion who will greatly enhance your meditative efforts!

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Moonglow Calcite on Bed of Chalcopyrite and Quartz

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