#19541 Altar-Sized Majestic Old Soul DT Smoky Elestial Quartz
Altar-Sized Majestic Old Soul DT Smoky Elestial Quartz
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This altar-sized and mystical DT Brazilian elestial quartz weighs in at 8 lb 14.5 oz and is 8” by 7.2” by 4.2” with healed back contact area. She is a rich smoky with accents of golden healer, giving her a golden glow. There are small areas of calcite in the crevices with areas of clarity that feature her festered core and add to her ancient demeanor! She is exceedingly well-glyphed on her faces and some sides, including a prominent glyph that resembles a shark! Inspect her further and you can see that she is a bit of an empath as a result of her healed contact area and couple of small modern dings. She may look old, rugged and worn, but as soon as you hold her, you will feel the ancient wisdom within and know that she is a wonderful healing being!

This elestial Spirit actually seems to contain several Spirits with one dominant ... a shark! Her name is Ohso and when you hold her, you feel her strength, energy and determination. Osho, as a Shark Spirit, will help you find opportunity. Sharks are ancient beings that search the vast oceans for their food, showing you that it is everywhere, provided you look. They are not the wanton killers that people perceive - they hold a place on this Earth and do it without malice or intent … they just are. The show that all you have to do is keep looking and reward will be there. Without the looking, untold opportunity is lost. Further Ohso teaches to cease focusing on your weaknesses … the things that hold you back. Like the Yin and the Yang, all things are in balance within the Universe with each weakness has a balancing strength. Dwelling on the Yin leaves you without strength or opportunity whereas dwelling only on the Yang leaves you without the balance you need for a happy life. She is a wonderful tool for personal meditation – used on a regular basis, she will help you maintain an even keel and a level perspective. She would also like to assist a Crystal Healer or Reiki Master in a healing practice. Placed under the treatment table, she can set the stage for the serious work of balancing and healing.

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Altar-Sized Majestic Old Soul DT Smoky Elestial Quartz

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