#19550 Exotic and Rare Crystalline Golden Rhodochrosite on Pyrite
Exotic and Rare Crystalline Golden Rhodochrosite on Pyrite
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This is an amazing cluster of crystalline rhodochrosite from the Trepca Mine in Kosovo and a most unusual one at that. She is an incredible cluster of gleaming, golden rhodochrosite sitting atop a base of pyrite! Explore her with a loupe and you’ll see that the rhodochrosite forms little cocks-combs too! The golden color is exceedingly rare in rhodochrosite and seen in only a few areas, most notably Eastern Europe. She weighs 13.2 oz and measures 4.2” by 2.5” by 1.5” and is in excellent condition.

Rhodochrosite has been called the stone of love and balance. When my husband and I got married, we each carried a slice of rhodochrosite with us to symbolize the love we shared and the balance we wanted. The energies are so soft and warming and calming, all at once and I further love that this Spirit combines the pink of the heart with the gold of the Solar Plexus, gateway of the physical to the emotional Chakras. In Ayurvedic systems,, in fact, gold is the color of the hear … hence the “heart of gold”. The pyrite provides centering and Self-awareness, critical to the activation of the heart energies, while the sphalerite adds focus and clarity to the passion and energy of the rhodochrosite. They give you the confidence to do and be what you truly love … and be with the one you love! She is a wonderful stone as the center for a heart grid or an addition to a loving altar!

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Exotic and Rare Crystalline Golden Rhodochrosite on Pyrite

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