#19604 Golden Crazy Lace Agate Carved Crystal Skull
Golden Crazy Lace Agate Carved Crystal Skull
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This is a skull, covered with the lines and lace-like expressions characteristic of crazy lace agate … and all in shades of ochre, buff and dove gray! He weighs 3.7 oz and measures 2” by 1.7” by 1.1” and the carver used the natural swirls in the stone to help accentuate the contours of the skull … there are even areas where you can see little, glittering crystal caves! This is a classic shaman cut and it’s very exceedingly-well crafted. You will find her quite fascinating!

There are many mysteries associated with crystal skulls and there are supposed to be 13 ancient skulls that bear no tooling marks. Some have speculated extraterrestrial origins. For those who have meditated with these ancient skulls (the Mitchell-Hedges, Max and others), there has been an incredible energy felt and each has reported different effects. One thing is clear, each crystal skull is rather personal to the owner and you will know yours immediately. Those who work with them regularly do not deal with dark forces, satanic rituals or seek death. These are Spirits of transition and useful as we accelerate our energies toward enlightenment.

Without a doubt, this skull has very earthy energies and is primo for scrying. Crazy lace agate is wonderful to use either personally or on the Third Eye to assist with understanding. In a sense, the patterns on the crazy lace are a bit like our lives sometimes – scattered, too much going on, explosions of events. And yet, they are all a part of our world, like it or not. He is really a reality check, helping us to see what is important and what isn’t. He helps you find focus and rationale as you see the silly games being played all around. And through it all, he reminds you not to take it all too seriously – celebrate your own Life’s expression and walk in the clarity of the day you are in! He is a wonderful meditation tool!

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Golden Crazy Lace Agate Carved Crystal Skull

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