#19618 Metallic RK Sphalerite Cluster - Starbrary Companion
Metallic RK Sphalerite Cluster - Starbrary Companion
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This is a very unusual sphalerite cluster from the Trebca Mine in Kosovo, 3.9 oz and 2” by 1.7” by 1.2”. He is a lustrous, black, metallic series of crystals with record keepers. The back is flattened and well glyphed and there is a bit of crystalline matrix to the side. The word “sphalerite” comes from the Greek “sphaleros”, meaning treachery and deceit. Sphalerite is often found with galena, and apparently in the early times, geologists were dismayed that something that so looked like galena yielded no lead. Hence the name. But, the name truly belies the nature and energy of the crystal! This Spirit is a treat all the way around!

There is no crystal better for “clearing fog” like sphalerite. As opposed to its name, his energies are quite clarifying and help to provide focus, stimulate intuition and open the Third Eye. He is utterly astounding for use in crystal grids or for personal meditation where he helps to cut through the issues and crystallize on the heart of the matter. You’ll find his energies straight-forward, unpretentious and very pleasant! Plus, with all these record keepers, he is a wonderful Starbrary companion. Although his name is negative, you will find him a wonderful crystalline companion who will greatly enhance your meditative efforts!

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Metallic RK Sphalerite Cluster - Starbrary Companion

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