#19647 Curved, Empathic, Slightly Smoky Dissolution Destiny Starbrary Quartz Wand
Curved, Empathic, Slightly Smoky Dissolution Destiny Starbrary Quartz Wand
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This Spirit is from Para, Brazil and was a stand-out among a lot of quartz with anthraxolite inclusions. She is a slightly smoky dissolution quartz that is 10.4 oz and 6.05” by 2” by 1.55” with a healed base. Dissolution quartz are created within the Earth by the action of Earth acids through the eons … each is unique in expression and each bears a different message, bound for a specific Keeper. This prismatic wand is actually curved at the base and has areas unaffected by the mineral acids and those areas display odd starbrary glyphs. Two deep well-healed keys spiral the energies and add to the curved effect. All of her terminal faces hold an abundance of trigonic record keepers (best viewed with a loupe) and some edges are curved. There is a 0.7” by 0.7” ding on one side making her an empath … and that ding is in the early stages of healing and otherwise, she is in excellent condition. An empath can impart important healing energies to her special Keeper and she looks forward to providing that information. And that is Sophie doing the photobomb in a few pictures.

Ancient, sacred, wise – they all apply. You cannot handle her without being overwhelmed by the depth of this Spirit! This Spirit helps you to understand how all that we undergo in life, shapes our physical, emotional and Spiritual evolution. Working with her, you can determine why things happen and how they contribute to the growth you are meant to see in this Life’s Expression. Because of the nature of her Lemurian lines, you would start running your fingers up and down them … like a xylophone. You will know her immediately and will know how to decode her wonderful records that emanate. I guarantee that if you were unaware of your destiny before meeting her, there will be NO doubt after!

Starbraries are recognized by the presence of glyph-like markings, symbols and geometric patterns plus usually a doorway or key. By aligning fingers with the doorways or keys, you can unlock different layers, depending on orientation. Companion crystals are important - they either come with the crystal (purchased with or given with) or appear shortly thereafter. They don't have to be quartz, but work with the main crystal to unlock different layers or even gain access to the crystal itself. All Starbraries work like that - the companions facilitate access, although it's possible to gain access just from the Starbrary itself.

All of the starbrary formations hold information of peoples who had a positive influence on human growth and evolution. The records were left here so that in the event of catastrophe, there would be a permanent record to help Earth rebuild. Starbraries were placed in many locations so the records could be accessed by peoples all over the world. There are sets of crystals - like chapters or series. When one comes to you, all of a sudden, you will find many more. It is important to ask the order to read them.

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Curved, Empathic, Slightly Smoky Dissolution Destiny Starbrary Quartz Wand

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