#19648 Dark Leaf Green Chlorite Protector Spirit Quartz Cluster
Dark Leaf Green Chlorite Protector Spirit Quartz Cluster
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This is a 6.6 oz, 3.9" by 2.2” by 1.3" quartz cluster from Pakistan, lightly included with dark leaf-green chlorite quartz with a slanted and healed white chlorite base. There are four points, all in a line with an additional one “sprouting” at a jaunty angle in between them. Hold the cluster to the light and you will see that she is clear inside while all her surfaces (save the base) are chlorite-eroded (and healed) especially at the terminations. She has a pleasant hand-feel and is in excellent condition … and I should mention that she has a very heady crystalline musk so working with her is multi-sensual!

When you first handle this Spirit, you will notice two sensations … with one, the energy release is huge, and with the other, there is kind of an influx of protection – surrounding you like a bubble. She is without a doubt, a Master (or Mistress) Healing crystal. Healers become so focused on their patients that they often forget their own vulnerability to picking up the negativity and ‘blockages’ that the patients throw off. Unless the Healer is rigorous about cleansing, these can build up in the room as well as on the person of the Healer! She is an awesome and perfect size to place in a Healer's treatment room, on a treatment table, or even in an office where the constant barrage of strange energies is chaotic. Work with this Spirit often and every few days, wash her in soapy water and allow her to dry in the sun for an hour or so and she will be ready to serve again!

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Dark Leaf Green Chlorite Protector Spirit Quartz Cluster

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