#19688 Vibrant Orange Vanadinite Crystals with Golden Fire
Vibrant Orange Vanadinite Crystals with Golden Fire
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From Morocco, comes this 1.2 oz, 1.8” by 1.4” by 0.85” of pure, brilliant, glittering, jewel-like and luminescent cluster of orange vanadinite! The crystals are well-formed and elestial and sitting on a beautiful matrix of matching russet-stained barite. Some of the crystals are fairly large and no doubt about it – this cluster glitters! Several areas have a distinct golden fire and she has amazing energy … the color saturation is breathtaking and you will simply love her!

These Spirits have amazing energies! Vanadinite is wonderful for the meditative state, helping provide focus and concentration. Too many times when I sit to meditate, my mind is like a fish out of water, flopping around and going nowhere. Random thoughts pop in – the thing I forgot to do at work, the letter I forgot to mail, the item I need to add to the grocery list. In these busy times, it is difficult to get two minutes ‘down-time’, so the instinct is to pack as much as possible into the moment. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make a good meditation and leaves you frustrated and wondering why you can’t do it. She brings you together and smoothes out the rough edges and trims the raveling pieces so that you have the necessary mindset to allow meditation to happen. I love the effect – like a vast clearing! What a wonderful gift!

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Vibrant Orange Vanadinite Crystals with Golden Fire

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