#19691 Altar-Sized and Astounding DT "Black" Quartz - Soul's Purpose
Altar-Sized and Astounding DT Black Quartz - Soul's Purpose
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This is a new find from the famed Super Seven mines in Espirito Santo, Brazil. These crystals are so unique – hematite has made them virtually opaque but, they are totally lustrous, mysterious and amazingly electric! This one is an astounding 1 lb 6.8 oz DT crystal, 5.6” by 2.6” by 2.4” and one termination is twinned. She is wonderfully glyphed on her faces and Lemurian lined on her sides which also contain holographic glyphs. Pictures simply do not do her justice … the light does reveal the hematite spheroids in shades of dark to darkest red. And she has some odd light spots although most of the white areas are light reflection off the glyphs and Lemurian lines! She looks totally black until a good light reveals the dark, dark red of the hematite. She is wondrous for your personal meditations or your special altar spaces … she is a one-of-a-kind Spirit!

Many of us go through life wondering why we are here – we have a job and a family and friends, but for what reason? It seems to be an endless, human search. In that quest, this special quartz is sheer magic! It all begins in our Root Chakra … this is our core being, our beliefs, our tribe. In essence, this is what we start life with and we continuously add to it through experience, education and interactions. We literally create second by second, minute by minute … decade by decade. As we age, we shift from nourishing the core and look to the more ethereal, evolved, spiritual aspects in the search for our Soul’s purpose. it with and draw from your core through the termination. This crystal is a conduit of focus. Sit with her between your hands and draw from your core through your Chakras. You will feel alignment and “tuning”. When you reach the Crown, allow the energy to expand to your higher Chakras, beyond the Crown. The balancing will begin and you can ask questions. When I did it, I say a red, velvet light and the answers seemed to come before the question was complete. Let me say that it was a trip and one I plan to take a number of times. Things are far more clear for me and with that clarity comes contentment. This is an amazing quartz!

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Altar-Sized and Astounding DT “Black” Quartz – Soul’s Purpose

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