#19708 Ethereal, Sparkling Indigo Child Light Amethyst Scepter
Ethereal, Sparkling Indigo Child Light Amethyst Scepter
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This amazing mini crystal cluster from Madagascar is a gorgeous shade of violet and is 10 grams and 1” by 0.9” by 0.7” with slanted and healed base to her stubby rod. You really will need a loupe to study this Spirit and see the subtleness of her colors, her tiny spheroids and teeny manifestors plus her marvelous facial glyphs! Inside, there are several bubble chambers yet only one contains an enhydro. She has an all-over ethereal and mystic look and a world of exploration inside her! You will not believe the beauty or energy she exudes, particularly for one so small! She is a perfect size for wire-wrapping or carefully tucking into a medicine pouch.

When my supplier told me about the "indigo children" he had, I had to confess to being totally intrigued. He said that they were from Madagascar and incredibly elestial and very amazing. So, sight unseen, I ordered them. WOW! He didn't mention that they are powerhouses!

Like their namesakes, these Spirits have a real sense of presence. There is no pretense – they are just there and although bright and sparkling, are ancient beings. They will help you discern real from illusion, truth from deception. She has the markings of a Star Seed, left here by the Star Peoples who visited this planet and worked with humans for millennia. Their records have been left, but not carved in clay or written on papyrus. These have been carved in beautiful crystal and await a human Star Seed to activate, accelerated by flashes of electric, red rutile. As we toss off the shackles of primitive beliefs, we open the door to incredible metamorphosis and transformation. This Spirit, indeed, assists in that transition, helping to purify thought and energy in preparation of the higher order necessary for Spiritual enhancement. By coming to an understanding about the process and both allowing and accepting it, we truly optimize our own Spiritual development. He is a Spirit to assist with transition and help his Keeper deal with change on all levels. He is not one that you will put down easily …

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Ethereal, Sparkling Indigo Child Light Amethyst Scepter

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