#19713 Frosted and Petite Fire Quartz Scepter
Frosted and Petite Fire Quartz Scepter
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This is a great 0.6 oz, 1.7” by 0.7” by 0.7” quartz scepter with healed base from Madagascar. I received a portion of the batch polished and the other portion, natural – he is one of the natural ones and frosted so it was hard to photograph him. As a result, you’ll want to study him with a loupe to see the “beaded strands” of nice dark red lepidocrosite. His scepter rod is wide and long while his crown holds a nice channeler termination and is concentrated with the lepidocrosite that forms a phantom within. He has two side students that “layer” up one side and there are some internal mists and foils as well to make him light up with a bit of backlight. A 10X loupe is simply a must! He is in excellent condition and awaits his special Keeper!

This little sweetie is a perfect pocket crystal for “mystery reading” whenever you need it. We all love a mystery because it presents us with a series of events that we must make sense of to discover the truth in a situation. It can be frustrating at times, yet it seems to be human nature to enjoy the challenge. This wonderful Spirit allows us to open our horizons to that which is unfamiliar and generally hidden. He stretches our mind so that we think of things in a different manner –… critical to creativity, discovery and invention. He is a wonderful little talisman who will be a constant muse and imp, always delightful and always surprising!

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Frosted and Petite Fire Quartz Scepter

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