#19716 Glittering Light Smoky Swiss Quartz Cluster Partially-Cloaked with Green Chlorite
Glittering Light Smoky Swiss Quartz Cluster Partially-Cloaked with Green Chlorite
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This is a gorgeous 1.2 oz, 1.7” by 1.7” by 1.5” light smoky quartz cluster with a healed base from the Grimsel Pass in Switzerland, a very rare location. He has a predominantly greenish chlorite color and when the light catches him just right, he glitters from literally the thousands of tiny terminations that were formed when he healed as a result of the chlorite erosion. It gives him a special kind of lightbrary energy! He is dominated by a larger single crystal (with a tiny trigonic record keeper) that is twinned and smaller crystals are arranged a bit chaotically at his feet. He is in awesome condition and perfect for mediation space.

This Spirit has an amazing feel and his energy truly belies his size! Smoky quartz is a generally a grounder and protector, allowing clarity of thought and deliberation of action. This Spirit with his arm smoky vibrations, radiates joy, laughter and lightness. His chlorite cloak offers protection in energy, particularly against psychic attack. And in fact, that is what he seems most suited towards. There are energies all around us, thrown off by others both intentionally and unintentionally. We pick them up rather easily – did you ever notice how tired you feel after being in crowds or a lot of traffic? I find that this Spirit, when placed where you encounter people most, will help to ward off all those occurrences so that you maintain a kind of cocoon of protection around you. You can also use him in protection grids, set up in a healing room for the Healer who will be working with many patients. This is truly an amazing Spirit that will infuse you with joy, love and protection.

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Glittering Light Smoky Swiss Quartz Partially-Cloaked with Green Chlorite

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