#19726 Rare and Lovely Lavender Rose Quartz
Rare and Lovely Lavender Rose Quartz
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This is a gorgeous, 3.2 oz, opalescent, lavender rose quartz from Madagascar, 1.95" by 1.4" by 1.5". Now I know that lavender rose sounds like two different colors, but some of the Madagascar quartz has this wonderful lavender tint to it ... and with a bit of golden healer for accent. She is slightly opalescent and looks healed all over even though she is a non-terminated piece. And she is a perfect size for personal meditation or keeping right beside your bed to bathe you in loving energies all night long.

The energy of this Spirit truly beautiful! Rose quartz is the queen among crystal entities for no other crystal soothes the heart the way she does. She allows you first, to find the love of Self (critical for self-esteem, centeredness and focus) and then love of others. She teaches compassion and empathy and enhances the work of other crystals so that their strength is not too great for the body. She is a good size for personal meditation or to place under the table of a crystal healing or Reiki healer. Use her on the bed stand to bring loving dreams and relationship understanding. Or, at the end of a stress-filled day, run a warm bath with her in the water – you will feel immersed in peace and love! She is a treasure that will keep you coming back for more …

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Rare and Lovely Lavender Rose Quartz

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