#19727 Regal Inner Mongolian DT Double Scepter Quartz
Regal Inner Mongolian DT Double Scepter Quartz
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This is a 4.3 oz, 4.5” by 1.5” by 1.25” quartz from a find in Inner Mongolia and is a gorgeous DT, sceptered at each termination. She is opalescent and when backlit, she has a slight golden glow that spreads joyous energies! Her sides are very lustrous, but covered with intricate etchings and accented with crystals of albite and agerine with chlorite inclusions . If you inspect those etchings with a loupe, they are actually layered terminations that remind me of dragon skin! The terminal faces are well-glyphed and some of the student crystals appear to be beta quartz. There are two areas on the sides that are healed, shallow keys and a larger DT student crystal sits on a terminal face of the upper termination - a stargazer! She has a scrape along a terminal face edge (upper termination) but otherwise, is in excellent condition and is a perfect meditation size!

This Spirit is all about love … you can feel a fireworks of gentle, loving energies emanating from her core. They spill over and spread all the love-related emotions like compassion, empathy, kindness and understanding … so much so that you cannot hold her without smiling and knowing that love is at your source! This is a very, very special and rare Spirit and one that will literally shift the focus of your life onto a path of love and Spiritual development. And as I am finding from each of these amazing crystals, each is meant for a special Keeper and has messages only for that One.

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Regal Inner Mongolian DT Double Scepter Quartz

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