#19733 Striated, Humble River Puzzle Rock - Madagascar
Striated, Humble River Puzzle Rock - Madagascar
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These are very humble-looking stones found in the rivers of Madagascar. Some have defined layers while others have been work smooth in areas by the motion of the water about them. Each is made up of compressed silt and mud, dried in the sun leaving them brown and glyph colored. No two are alike and yet, each is like a book awaiting opening. This one is 2.1 oz and 2.1” by 1.4” by 0.9” and has glyphs on on one side only although these glyphs seem to be like a land mass forming out of a vast ocean. Sides are well striated all around suggesting layering as he was formed. You will be astounded by the visions that arrive from this humble beauty!

Some time ago, a dear friend gave me a set of four of these and they immediately became a treasure. These contain the elements of earth, water, air and fire thus presenting a variety of energies to provide her Keeper. As you work with her, images are conjured up specific to each Keeper and that Keeper’s needs. They are soothing, yet enticing; grounding, yet uplifting, settling yet stimulating! Each makes a wondrous pocket piece to travel with you and remind you of All That Is!

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Striated, Humble River Puzzle Rock - Madagascar

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