#19734 Stunning Peachy Star Feldspar with Yellow Lepidolite
Stunning Peachy Star Feldspar with Yellow Lepidolite
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This is an unusual and colorful Spirit from Brazil that is 1.7 oz and 1.8” by 1.8” by 1.6”. The cluster is accented by sparkling mini-towers of deep golden lepidolite tucked into the crevices of a diamond-shaped cluster of pale peach and russet feldspar (star feldspar). Her messages, like the towers of lepidolite, are layered and emphatic for a very special Keeper!

She fits perfectly well between the palms for a nice meditation. She is most gentle and takes the role of helping her Keeper to find the best in things, bringing things down to Earth, making them real and helping the understanding of truths discerned in working with her.  Special messages may be shared with others, but for the most part, I get the impression that she is a one-on-one with her Keeper. To work with her the first time, anoint her with rainwater and allow that splendid crystalline musk to rise. Music is nice like Novus Magnificat (my favorite by Constance Denby) or Spirit Chaser (Dead Can Dance) … both are expanding and opening – this is critical fro the messages to emerge.  Allow this entire sensory bundle to envelop you and your mind will easily go on a journey of truth and discovery … prepare for the flight and the expansion! WOW!

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Stunning Peachy Star Feldspar with Yellow Lepidolite

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