#19737 Unique Blue Tourmaline (Indicolite) in Light Smoky Citrine DT Quartz with Albite
Unique Blue Tourmaline (Indicolite) in Light Smoky Citrine DT Quartz with Albite
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This is an interesting and unique light DT smoky citrine from Jenipapo, Brazil, 4 oz and 3.8” by 1.3” by 1.3”. She has to large patches of albite embedded across two sides and manifestors albite in the lower termination. A few more crystals of albite are embedded in the front side as well.The upper termination has a stargazer student that bifurcates the termination … like a child held in the arms of a parent. With a loupe, you will see that she is positively littered inside with blue tourmaline (indicolite … with some olenite as well) and crystals are concentrated at the edges of the albite patches. As a note, because of the citrine tones, the tourmalines look green, but in person, you will see the blue! She is subtly twinned and her faces and sides hold “glyph clouds”! She has a ding or two but nothing that affects her amazing, old-soul presence in the least!

Humble though she may look, she is a potent Spirit! I was so blown away by this Spirit – between the warmth and comfort of her delicate citrine and the electric energy from the tourmaline, she is a very, very unusual crystal offering a variety of energies for her Keeper. The citrine and tourmaline combine to make her a potent Third Eye stimulator … now citrine is generally more for the Solar Plexus, but I find this Spirit working in a different manner. We perceive things on many levels including the occult. These messages are often cloaked in mystery and difficult to decode, thus they are also often ignored. Her mica inclusions allow more introspection and her albite energies permit deciphering the truth. Working with this Spirit can assist with the decoding and putting into physical expression so that you can communicate both to your Self and others exactly what you “see”. She is a Spirit for a Light Worker coming into their strength and “power”, discovering all that is open to them now. She will bring a whole new meaning to your experiences and progress!

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Unique Blue Tourmaline (Indicolite) in Light Smoky Citrine DT Quartz with Albite

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