#19758 Delicate Peach Lemurian Quartz Starbrary - Virgo, Draco Starbrary
Delicate Peach Lemurian Quartz Starbrary - Virgo, Draco Starbrary
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This is a 3.4 oz, 2.9” by 1.3” by 1.1” delicate peach quartz point with an irregular, healed healed base, from Diamantina, Brazil. The color is really ethereal and her terminations is sort of tabby (but not truly tabby) with a large, dominant, irregularly-shaped seven-sided face while the remaining faces (one of the small faces holds record keepers) are quite small. Her sides feature tactile and undulating Lemurian lines with an assortment of sweeping Virgo starbrary glyphs and interestingly, one side displaying a number of Draco glyphs! Also there is a “thumbprint” key bridging two sides and a nice past timeline. She is in excellent condition and is as beautiful as she is informational!

Virgo starbrary glyphs are those "read between the lines". The Lemurian lines on these starbraries are often undulating and tactile and in between those lines are intricate and minute starbrary glyphs best studied with a loupe. The Virgo peoples were gentle and kind ... I call them the peace-makers because they spread these traits wherever they roamed. They had a gift of identifying discord and then resolving the differences. Their messages are very loving and encouraging to the developing peoples of Earth.

The Draco starbraries were found quite by accident in a lot of partially polished Brazilian quartz. It is interesting as the glyphs look a bit like Cassiopeia and a bit like Ursa Minor but the glyphs are raised, curved and more tactile … they are also commonly overlaid as many ancient writings are. This is consistent with the "Originals" role since the Draconians traveled the universe and likely seeded many other cultures, including Earth.

I am amazed by the ancientness of the energies emanating from this Spirit. She touches a cord deep within your soul that joins you to All That Is, instilling a deep sense of belonging. There is no need to worry or stew over what your role is – you know it without verbalizing in any manner. You are embraced in every sense by a sweetness and freshness that renews the Spirit and heals the Self. During meditation several summers ago, I perceived a color to the Earth’s aura that I called “resin” – it was a honeyed rose with a fragrance of tuberose or honeysuckle. The color and the odor were defined together – you couldn’t sense one without the other. And this Spirit is of that vibration – to work with her is to know the Earth in all its intimate stages, including the visitors from the stars. Your time is now and you are the Keeper she will share her secrets with …

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Delicate Peach Lemurian Quartz Starbrary - Virgo, Draco Starbrary

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