#19796 Chatty Chalcedony Bubble Nodule - Shape Shifter
Chatty Chalcedony Bubble Nodule - Shape Shifter
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This is a somewhat dark-looking 1.9 oz and 1.8” by 1.4” by 1.2” bubble-like chalcedony nodule from Morocco. She is a typical botryoidal chalcedony – a boiling, bubbling crystalline liquid, frozen in time, but beautifully expressed in a series of grayish, dark bubble … backlight her and her color shifts from gray to gold and caramel! When I look at her, she seems to shape-shift … maybe a sphere, maybe a walnut … or maybe an asteroid. She fits nicely in wrapped in the palm and chatters constantly! She is awesome! 

When the shipment came, it was delivered on a very hot day. The box was warm and when I opened these special Spirits, they were also warm and chatty from the get-go! They had me at first contact! I sat with several and they all had a common message of peace, love, unity, friendship and faith … all set in an earthiness that was palpable. I loved the way the waves washed over me and the energies left me feeling both cleansed, grounded and loved. This one holds the totem of Shape Shifter … that is one that can become what is needed. Native American hunters “became” the buffalo so that they could get close to the herd during the hunt. Others became the eagle so that they could locate the herds. It is possible for each of us to allow our consciousness to take another form so as to give us a different perspective, additional insight or more information, beyond what our own senses provide. That is the nature of this Spirit – she assists you in finding that aspect of Self that can run with the buffalo or soar with the eagle. It is a skill that can be learned and mastered with practice and dedication. She is a ready teacher for her Keeper.

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Chatty Chalcedony Bubble Nodule - Shape Shifter

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