#19803 Frosty Red and White Hematite Starbrary Quartz Wand - Core Chakra Balancer
Frosty Red and White Hematite Starbrary Quartz Wand - Core Chakra Balancer
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This is a 2.2 oz, 3.7” by 0.95” by 0.8” Brazilian quartz wand with keys around the base. A secondary growth of quartz has pinned the colorful russet hematite between the layers and then overlaid with frosty white chalcedony that looks like a frosted windshield in winter. Both the white and russet-red colors are in uneven splotches that create an accent to the writing on his surfaces, including a side with many Lyran starbrary glyphs. Lemurian lines grace his sides and he has a heady and wondrous energy! He is fascinating to study is radiant and energetic, ready for his Keeper!

The Lyran peoples were leaders and guides, rather like trail-blazers or trackers. Often they paired with others to either lead them to a specific planet/colony or to find a specific planet/colony, rather like the old-fashioned "trail guide".

Hematite is a chameleon Spirit. It is composed of iron oxide – and we mostly know that as rust! But in the right circumstances, it forms into this marvelous silvery-black that seems to glow. It is this dichotomy of its structure that gives hematite those characteristics of energy balance. According to Eastern tradition, we have two types of energy Yin (female) and Yang (male). When our life runs out of balance, one manifests over the other and the Self has no choice but to express the dominant type. Too little Yang and the person becomes depressed, loses confidence, and focuses only on the negative. Too little Yin and the person is hyper-active, flits from activity to activity (often without finishing anything) and is often viewed as power-hungry. Hematite is wonderful for helping to restore the balance of the Yin-Yang energies. And in doing so, he stimulates mental alertness, creativity and inner confidence.

This is a wonderful Spirit for use in personal meditation to bring about a relaxed meditative state. Hematite grounds without “pulling down”, so it is excellent with heady crystals like phenacite or moldavite. In the Reiki or crystal healing practice, he is excellent placed at the K1 (Kidney 1) point of the left foot so that the patient feels the grounding, balancing aspect of the treatment. He is excellent for touching this point and directing the energies inward and upward – excellent!

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Frosty Red and White Hematite Starbrary Quartz Wand - Core Chakra Balancer

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