#19812 Interesting and Rare DT Cygnus Starbrary Pale Citrine Quartz
Interesting and Rare DT Cygnus Starbrary Pale Citrine Quartz
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This is an interesting 1.8 oz, 2.9” by 0.95” by 0.9” DT Cygnus starbrary, pale citrine quartz from Aricuai, Brazil. His terminations each have large and well-healed keys that edge the actual multi-terminations. He is very tactile with etchings that resemble strange barcodes attract the fingers as you work with him. Faces and sides are covered with starbrary glyphs and the glyphs carry up onto the faces. Some of the glyphs are geometric while others are more sweeping, almost feather-like. There is a rather different look to and feel to him than most starbraries … somewhat more primitive and ancient. He has a few very tiny dings and nothing of significance at all.

Cygnus is also known as the Northern Cross or the Swan and a prominent constellation in the Northern summer and fall skies. It is on the edges of the Milky Way, kind of an “arm’s stretch” from Orion. His glyphs are more primitive and seem to be from the very first peoples to visit the Earth. Many Star People came to what was to become Lemuria, but these visitations came to the high mountain areas, places where the thin air better supported their bodies. If you want to explore a really different starbrary, this is your Spirit … perhaps you remember these times …

The Cygnus peoples wandered the galaxies - they were curious to be sure, but seemed to have no goal in mind throughout their travels. It seemed to be a need only to see what was out there and then leave a few messages as if to say "we were here" ... they wandered because they dreamed, perhaps of finding another civilization such as theirs.

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Interesting and Rare DT Cygnus Starbrary Pale Citrine Quartz

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