#19813 Intriguing Pale Golden DT Mozambique Lemurian Quartz - Soul Shepherd
Intriguing Pale Golden DT Mozambique Lemurian Quartz - Soul Shepherd
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This wonderful DT Mozambique Lemurian quartz DT Spirit weighs 4.7 oz and measures 4.5” by 1.2” by 1.1”. She is generally pale golden in tone and has layer of secondary growth (quartz overlay) that is spotty on both terminations. Two sides hold a sparse, fine, golden-healer stained druse and all sides feature nice Lemurian lines. You will see golden healer accenting many of her crevices. The broader termination holds a small phantom-like inclusion of golden healer and green chlorite, pinned between the original crystal and the secondary growth. There are rather holographic glyphs on her sides and truly, this is really a pristine Moz! I guarantee that she will take your breath away with her intense and joyous demeanor, a delight her true Keeper!

My friend, Debbie, introduced me to Mozambique Lemurians and it’s been a love-affair ever since! When I got my first one, she was also coated with a similar white layer, but once she was activated, she cleared rapidly and shows no trace of it now. In working with this Spirit, I was careful not to go too deeply with her so that her new Keeper can have the pleasure of activation and witnessing the transformation. I had to be VERY careful because this Spirit is absolutely READY to activate and you can already see some clearing with her. Unlike the Pink and Russian Lemurians, the Mozambiques would not win beauty contests. They have a much more ancient feel and a much more rugged look. Typically, they are dinged and scarred, but their energies are so huge that it doesn’t matter. They carry the highest vibrations of the quartz family and even more than phenacite and petalite. Bottom line, to work with a Mozambique Lemurian is to surrender your life to Spiritual evolution and your Higher Self. They are capable of catalyzing great change, hence the nickname ‘Soul Shepherd’.

Generally, the energy from a Moz is huge and sometimes difficult to ‘hang on to’ until you get used to it. This Spirit is slightly different – she is much more protective and cognizant of the need to sometimes slow down. She really wants to bring her new Keeper into an understanding of healing so that critical changes can be made in the future. As I said, she is anxious to activate and I am sure that she will clear almost within days once she is with her proper Keeper. She reminds us that the best is yet to come when we allow change as a vital and essential part of our life! Celebrate the Spirit!

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Intriguing Pale Golden DT Mozambique Lemurian Quartz - Soul Shepherd

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