#19814 Lovely Angel-Terminated DT Colombian Quartz
Lovely Angel-Terminated DT Colombian Quartz
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This is a truly lovely 3.8 oz, 3.5” by 1.25” by 0.9” DT quartz from Santander, Colombia. The first thing you notice is the feathery wisps of white (likely titanium) throughout but concentrated in the terminations. The main termination is a single while the bottom is “angel-terminated” (multi) as the wisps gathering a phantom that conducts the crystal’s angelic energies into the multi terminations. The white-on-white is very difficult to photograph, but the termination is truly covered with tiny terminations! Gentle Lemurian lines grace her sides and there are subtle, city-like glyphs preceding the angel terminations.

She exudes love, joy and peacefulness, but also there is a delightful and strong angelic, loving presence as well. It’s the kind of love that comes from love of Self... and by that I don’t mean an egotistical love, but one that celebrates WHO you are and rejoices in the uniqueness of that expression. One cannot truly love without loving the “skin one is in”. When you stare into the angel terminations, there is an expanse that opens in the Crown Chakra, similar to an ascension as she helps you recognize your angel assistance and connect to your inner Self, accepting it totally and unconditionally. You feel wrapped in angel love and held by the gentleness of wings. Nothing in the world can disturb that comfort and security. This is a crystal for a Keeper seeking that knowledge and acceptance of Self.

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Lovely Angel-Terminated DT Colombian Quartz

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