#19822 Peace-Giving Dravite Tourmaline in Quartz
Peace-Giving Dravite Tourmaline in Quartz
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This wonderful 6.8 oz quartz is from Pakistan and is 3.8” by 3.7” by 1.6” with a cluster of bright quartz crystals sitting atop a thin layer of matrix. The clear quartz is towards the outside of the cluster with brown sprinkles of what looks like cinnamon sugar in the center. Look closely and you will notice lots of rods of tourmaline … and they are golden-brown within the quartz as well as on the top of the matrix, blended with little quartz crystals! These seem to form a natural grid. In spite of her apparent darker color, she fills with light and shows what a wonderful, strong Spirit she is and who will be a great source of enlightenment to her Keeper.

This Spirit has a huge, but mellow, earthy feel and as her energies blend with yours, a sense of peace and calm washes over you – it’s kind of like taking a shower after working hard in the garden. You feel right with the world afterward. Now here’s the real benefit: she scrubs your aura too, rooting out negativity and bad vibrations, and adjusts your ethereal “body” so that it meshes well with your physical one. No wonder you feel so good! This alignment is critical for Light Workers, crystal healers and Reiki practitioners as they do their jobs – and it’s a real benefit for each of us as we go about daily life! relaxed and serene. Once in this state, it is easier to ‘let go’ and allow the Third Eye to open. She teaches that through this serenity, this centering, love arises and surrounds … with this cycle so initiated, she can infuse her wisdom and awaken the psychic abilities, while protecting from psychic attacks. You will come to treasure this dear friend and she will become a favorite in your meditation companions.

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Peace-Giving Dravite Tourmaline in Quartz

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