#19840 Wondrous Optical Rainbow Fluorite Cluster
Wondrous Optical Rainbow Fluorite Cluster
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This is a 1.75 oz, 1.6" by 1.4" by 1.3" cluster of optical cubic fluorite. She is a cluster of three large cubes and two small ones with a bit of golden healer in her crevices. As you turn her in the light, rainbows appear (although she wouldn’t share those with the camera) and most of the faces are slightly iridescent! A loupe will help you to see it all well and enjoy her marvelous facial glyphs! She is from Dal’negorsk, Russia and a stunning and very bright companion!

Fluorites are the great organizers of the crystal realm. I like keeping one near my computer at work to help me organize my thoughts. I find that the energies provide focus so that "sorting out" what has to be done is a rather simple task. The stunning rainbows in this Spirit really help me remember that everything is has facets within – light is white until split into its various parts. When we appropriately marry our intellect to our higher Self, we can express all manner of color and light! She is a perfect size for laying on the body during a crystal healing or Reiki treatment where she wants to be at the Crown Chakra. And she is also an awesome desk Spirit to remind us of the creativity within!

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Wondrous Optical Rainbow Fluorite Cluster

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