#19844 Bright, Prismatic Dow Colombian Lemurian Quartz Wand
Bright, Prismatic Dow Colombian Lemurian Quartz Wand
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You will be astonished by the brightness and brilliance of this Lemurian quartz wand … she’s from Colombia, weighs 3 oz and measures 4.15” by 1” by 0.85”! There are Lemurians from all over the globe, but you simply will not believe how incredible and different these are! Their sides are angled just right to create prismatic effects on the sides. She has a Dow termination (with very subtle record keepers) and her Lemurian lines are quite tactile and she has a gentle curve. You will also see a small bit of cookeite near her base. She has a tiny student adjacent a hexagonal key that left a part of the separating crystal there. This area is all healed but there are incredible mists that light her up inside. Additional mists reside in the base there is another well-healed key. She is a master healer who will be a wonderful resource to her Keeper.

Dows are the ultimate expression of balance: 7-3-7-3-7-3 arrangement of faces, is a Master Crystal. Threes represent Mind, Body and Soul; Life, Death, Rebirth, the sacred Trinity. Sevens represent the seven frequencies of the tonal scale (do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do), the seven colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet), the seven Chakras, the seven directions (east, west, north, south, above, below and within). Together the 7+3 equals 10: another numeric perfection: ten toes, ten fingers, etc. The sum of all the sides is 30 (another 3) in the perfection of the circle.

The Dow is considered to be the premier of Master Crystals and is also known as the trans-channeler … the perfect sender and receiver crystal for every purpose! This Spirit has exceedingly intense energies … the Lemurian lines set up waves of energy by running thumb or finger up and down them … kind of like hitting different keys on a piano. This makes her truly a utilitarian Lemurian for any purpose since you simply can adjust the energies as needed. She is very effective for filling a larger area with wondrous, intense and bright energies. Her rising mists that illuminate her interior seem to focus her energy to the termination … you can definitely feel it in the Crown!She is a splendid Spirit that you will want with you always!

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Bright, Prismatic Dow Colombian Lemurian Quartz Wand

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