#19850 Dynamic Draco Starbrary Quartz Point with Timelines
Dynamic Draco Starbrary Quartz Point with Timelines
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This is a brilliant and clear quartz point from Brazil weighing 1.6 oz and measuring 2.25” by 1” by 0.75 with slanted and healed base. His clarity is not obvious in the photos because of the number of surface glyphs and unlike the lot of these quartz, is unpolished. Every other side features Draco glyphs, intensely displayed and best examined with a loupe as they are layered, raised, curved and intricate. Remaining sides have gentle Lemurian lines. There are two past timelines (one short and one long) and two future timelines (one short and one long) and there is a silver shield in his base. He holds wondrous information for his special Keeper. There is a teeny ding at the terminal apex and a healed one on a side but otherwise, he is awesome!

About six years ago, I received a lot of quartz that had been partially polished to show the clarity of the quartz. It was a large shipment and was delivered in large drums with the drums often containing multiple types of quartz. I thought I had separated them all, but apparently not – only a few and another much larger portion of the lot was unpacked in my recent reorganization! Now, in late 2017, I took a “girls’ long weekend” with our daughter and her three daughters to Florida and while there, we of course, took in some shopping. We happened across a very eclectic little shop that had some crystals in it and like this lot, they were partially polished but I found one with strange starbrary markings and no polishing and I bought it … well, as I unpacked the remainder of this lot I had received … there were those very same markings and indeed, there was a companion crystal to the one I had bought in Florida! Working with the two crystals together, I discovered this rare Draco connection. It had been there all along and it was now time for their starbraries to appear! The Draco connection has been very strong among many civilizations around the world – some know this constellation as a dragon while others as a snake … you see the influence on every continent and perhaps one of the most famous is Chicken Itza. The Draco peoples were among the first star peoples to visit Earth and are often considered the “Founders”. They provided guidance, science, medical knowledge and many other things to the young peoples of Earth. In a way, they paved the way for the star peoples to come! His messages leave an ancient record for the star seeds now!

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Dynamic Draco Starbrary Quartz Point with Timelines

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