#19855 Gently-Curved, Singing DT Faden Quartz Power Wand
Gently-Curved, Singing DT Faden Quartz Power Wand
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This singing sweetie is a wonderful 3.4 oz faden quartz wand from Pakistan, 5.75” by 1.3” by 1.05”. She isn’t the typical faden quartz wand in that her suffuse faden line runs length-wise as do her crystals … and she’s a DT with a somewhat milky-looking lower termination. Each termination is a multi and as you turn her in the light, you notice that she has a distinct but subtle curve! She has a wealth of student crystals (one with a bit of leaf-green chlorite within it) primarily at her lower termination with a few larger ones sticking out at jaunty angles. One side has a perpendicular crystal while the top termination has a large tabby crystal with dolphin student and a number of small ones at the back! She is really different! A wonderful crystalline musk rises when you work with her … there are some teeny-tiny dings, but nothing of significance at all.

She has a rather earthy feel and one that I’d have to characterize as the essence of Mother Earth herself. This is a crystal to ‘snuggle’ with when you’ve had a long, hard, frustrating day … when it seems everyone is out of sorts with you and you’re feeling particularly alone. She reminds you of the wealth of love expressed in nature and all of the Earth that is a continuous resource for our Core Being. Sit with this Spirit, anointing her with rainwater to allow her sweet crystalline musk to rise. If you can be outside in a garden, it’s preferable. She will reunite you with the Spirits of the Earth and in the process, heal your own Spirit. It is important to maintain the connection as it is a centering point to draw on always. And she is the bridge …

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Gently-Curved, Singing DT Faden Chlorite Power Wand

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