#19864 Healed Lightning Strike Sirius Starbrary Pale Smoky Quartz Wand
Healed Lightning Strike Sirius Starbrary Pale Smoky Quartz Wand
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This is a beautiful palest smoky quartz from Brazil, 2.8 oz and 3.4” by 1" by 0.75”. He is brilliantly clear (the number of glyphs scatter the light making him appear less clear than he is) and with an amazing display of Sirius starbrary glyphs. He is a neat tabby and with a loupe, you’ll see tiny spheroids of hematite as well as one larger hematite crystal lightly speckling his surfaces. And interestingly, there are two very small lightning strikes as well as some healed ones and “singe marks”. These come from a strike close to the quartz but with insufficient strength to do more than “scorch” the surface. He has a narrow side-scrape near the base and some very tiny dings, all of no significance and he’s ready to go to work with his Keeper.

My first lightning strike quartz actually HAPPENED to me. I had a particularly intense meditation and at the end, I went to set the crystal on the table as I got up. The room was dark and as I reached for the table, there was a flash of light and an audible pop and I felt a piece of the crystal hit my palm! This was some time ago and I'd never heard of lightning strike quartz, so I thought the crystal was ruined! There was a gash running nearly her whole length, all cross-hatched. She was extraordinarily hot too! I emailed a friend and she explained what had happened – and my quartz was far from ruined – she is one of the most intense crystals that it has been my privilege to know – and she is a perennial meditation favorite!

Melody first wrote about the lightning strike quartz and identified why these wonderful Spirits were so marked. From a scientific perspective, I understand what happened – quartz is piezoelectric meaning that it actually generates electricity when under pressure. That's why they use quartz in watches and other electronic items. When the pressure builds, the electricity has to discharge and it cause this characteristic zig-zag in the quartz. I also understand that lightning discharges near the crystal beds will do this as well – same principle. These are rare Spirits and truly are one of profound change. Further, he is a potent starbrary and it is said that such crystals were the first Lemurians – a gift of the Star Peoples to those of Lemuria. As the use of crystals evolved in Lemuria, the more favored (and more common) lined ones became popular since they were more for directing energies. Ones such as this were held for the Elders and Seers so that the records of the Star Peoples were preserved and known only to a few. You will see that he is a translator, passing deftly from Star Language to Lemurian and back. Some have channeled these quartz and have information that these originated from the Sirius systems which I concur with … he is very potent and unlike the other starbrary energies I’ve experienced. I’ll tell you that he raises the hair on my neck – he is incredibly potent and he is meant for a Keeper who will utilize the secrets of the early Lemurian civilization to bring Light and Love into modern times …

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Healed Lightning Strike Sirius Starbrary Pale Smoky Quartz Wand

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