#19875 Old Stock White Spirit Quartz with Deep Golden Healer
Old Stock White Spirit Quartz with Deep Golden Healer
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This is a sparkling white Spirit quartz, 2.4 oz and 2.8" by 1.5" by 1.2" with rich golden healer colorations that deepen to rich ochre at the base. Her terminal faces are small and the termination protrudes from the glitter of the smaller crystals that cover her sides … and you with a loupe you will see loads of glyphs on all those faces! Plus, you will see the faintest hint of amethyst in those larger crystals! She is truly a gorgeous Spirit … and a beautiful example of the old stock Spirit quartz from South Africa.

If you look closely, you will see that she appears to have a core with a crystalline layer on the outside. Many are now discovering that in reality, the Spirit quartz (also known as cactus quartz) is a special type of scepter. When you pick her up, you know that it is true, for she acts more like a power wand than a single termination. However, rather than project her energy from a single point at her termination, it radiates outward from the core and is focused throughout the little terminations than line her sides. Her energy is joyous and angelic. I love Spirit quartz in a room where many will gather as you can easily infuse the air with special energies and maintain a high level of vibration when you do it. She is wonderful for Crown Chakra work as well, enabling the activation of the ethereal Chakras while you work. Use her in meditation and you will find that she allows an easy transition into the meditative state, even if you have had trouble getting there in the past. She is a gentle Spirit and very loving and will be a good friend to her Keeper.

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Old Stock White Spirit Quartz with Deep Golden Healer

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