#19885 Sweet Layered and Keyed Sepia Phantom Lithium Quartz
Sweet Layered and Keyed Sepia Phantom Lithium Quartz
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This is a keyed, 2.2 oz, 2.4” by 1.2” by 0.9” lithium quartz from Brazil only her lithium. She is from a new find and is absolutely delightful! She is a bit yin and yang with a more clear side and one side and two faces being matte. The matte sides hold the layered sepia lithium-rich phantom … In the more clear area, you can easily see the phantoms. There is a key all around her base … she fit into another crystal and likely left a hexagonal key on it. Another key crosses a terminal face in the back and there is a very small ding where the key separated. Her faces are pleasantly smooth and her sides hold a few textural and very strange starbrary glyphs! She’s a great size for personal meditation or laying on the body for crystal/Reiki healing. There are a few tiny dings, but they do not affect her energy in the least.

If you have never experienced lithium quartz, you are in for a real treat: this is the mood-balancer of the crystal world! They are well known for use with depression and malaise. My husband struggled with chronic depression and when a dear friend gave me one to tuck under his pillow, the depression cleared! It was soft and subtle and took a few days, but nothing short of a miracle! This one has a bit of a shift, however, from the pinky-purple ones that you usually think of with lithium quartz. She’s a perfect answer for depression and firs well in a pocket so she goes everywhere with you.

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Sweet Layered and Keyed Sepia Phantom Lithium Quartz

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