#19929 Set of Gorgeous Jasper Runes in Velvet Bag
Set of Gorgeous Jasper Runes in Velvet Bag
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This is a set of twenty-four ~0.6” inscribed hand-carved red jasper runes and one blank one (the “unknowable”), all in a soft leather bag. The inscriptions are etched into each and then gold colored paint highlights the inscription. Jasper is wondrous for working with the Core (Base) Chakra which holds the core beliefs of every individual. Spiritual advancement is impossible without the information and data held in the Core.

Runes can be traced back to Viking times and have a decided resemblance of our alphabet. They have been used for divination about two thousand years although the original interpretations of the runes cast have been lost. I highly recommend “The Book of Runes” by Ralph Blum who offers a wonderful treatise of the history of runes as well as interpretations for the Spiritual Warrior in an effort to realize Spiritual awakening and advancement.

Runes are sacred tools that offer a special kind of enlightenment.

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Set of Gorgeous Jasper Runes in Velvet Bag

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