#19942 Altar-Sized Prismatic DT Starbrary Guide Quartz Master Starbrary
Altar-Sized Prismatic DT Starbrary Guide Quartz Master Starbrary
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This altar-sized, prismatic Spirit is from a newly-discovered pocket of quartz just north of Corinto, Brazil. She is 9.3 oz and 5.5” by 2” by 1.3” and is rather cluster-like. with a slanted lower multi-termination edged with students. There is a thin contact area to the side that looks like an earthquake zone that separated. There are two main and large crystals, each with a future timeline and a sparse druse of tiny crystals on one side of each of the larger crystals. The largest crystal also has a past timeline on a shovel termination and a small “kink” created by a little key along one terminal face. This created a ten-sided face! Ten is considered to be the number of divinity symbolizing the culmination of potential and possibility meaning a wide-open future. Every other side is largely Lemurian lines and the remaining are generally covered by layers of starbrary glyphs. I thought at first that this was a Rosetta, but the crystal informed me that she was a Starbrary Guide, not a Rosetta. She is, however, a magnificent Master Starbrary with Leo, Ursa Minor and Draco glyphs …. and interestingly, pyramids rising … and landing! The glyphs are meant to be read top down and then from the opposite side … like two sides of a page. The glyphs are tactile and send vibrations through a fingertip as you work with them. She has a few tiny dings (in addition to the contact area mentioned above), but nothing detracting from her message and energies! She is utterly fabulous!

Starbrary Guides are a new addition to the starbrary revelations. Those amazing glyphs are the magic in her work … as you slowly and gently pass a fingertip over them, vibrations set off pictures and subtle messages. Starbrary Guides provide linking data to other starbraries to both ease translation as well as understanding why the underlying information was left. It is not enough to know what a starbrary information says … intent, history, philosophy … all that starbraries communicate, but at a deeper and more intense level.

To work with a Starbrary Guide, place the Guide in your sending hand and a starbrary of your choice in your receiving. Begin a meditation and allow your mind to open. Gently ask questions and allow the information to flow to you. This may take a number of sessions but your understanding of the Star Peoples will be enhanced and accelerated.

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Altar-Sized Prismatic DT Starbrary Guide Quartz Master Starbrary

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